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Wondering how to introduce one of your girlfriends to Nikki Nokes?  Send her this video and let Nikki introduce herself!

This is a quick 3 minute video plus narration that illustrates what might be the most important dating principle that I'll give you on this blog.  Watch above, then come back for the discussion...don't worry, I'll wait...

Back?  Great, so then now you should know what a "first follower" is and how important that role is in the life of another person looking to accomplish something new, non-traditional or out of the ordinary in life.  Essentially, for anyone following their dreams, looking to grow or just seeking happiness, this description fits.  And if that's the case, then entering their life, are you prepared to play the role of a "first follower?"  Can you be the one that jumps behind the vision of another just because?  Can you be the person in another person's life who is the first to say, "ok, I agree with you" when they confess their goal or other vision for themselves?  If so, then you've just taken the first step to becoming irreplaceable. 

That's what you want to be in your relationship - maybe hard to find, but impossible to replace.  In that situation, Girlfriend, there is a guy that will stick with you.  Why?  Because you're helping him to reach a higher ground for himself.  You're the one who makes him not crazy when he decides that he wants to climb Mt. Whitney or start a new business venture.  You're the one who makes the magic happen...and just with the simple step of being the first to allow his vision to be your reality as well.  It takes courage to be that first follower.  Is it in you?

Marinate and discuss.