Maybe...It's You! Ep. 18: "Closing the Ex-Files"

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I've gotten the most questions and comments from people who ask me about their exes.  How to get the ex back; how to get over the ex; how to make their ex want them again, ugh!  No way Girlfriends!!  We want to grow past our past!  Leave the ex where he is - sitting somewhere in yesterday!  In this Episode 18, I get down and dirty about pining over your ex and how to understand why the connection lingers and most importantly, how to move on!  In case you want another perspective, try apply the "well analogy" that is in this video to the concept behind "Who Moved My Cheese" - click on the title for a link to the Wikipedia page that has a fantastic summary of that book.  Enjoy and remember...if you're single, have you ever considered that maybe...its you!  Until next time!
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