Tired of being single? Wondering why your relationship status still hasn’t changed? Maybe... it’s you!

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Maybe...It's You! Ep. 13: "Getting the 'Cuckoo Bird' Out of Your Life!"

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Funny how nature can give us the best examples for life!  In this episode, I discuss the peculiar behavior of the cuckoo bird and use the metaphor to explain how certain people may be causing distractions in your life that are keeping you not only unhappy, but single as well!

Not only do people that cause distractions keep you from focusing on yourself and your own growth process, but they also scare away people that should be in your life because they don't want the additional drama - and rightfully so!  Kick the "cuckoo bird" out of your life!

I'd love to hear comments on this one!  Enjoy!

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1 Comment


Ha! I call "cuckoo birds" in my life "black holes" -- good advice all around. P.S. Love those earrings!

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