Maybe...It's You! Ep. 11: "Online Dating" Part 1 and Part 2

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Part 1:

I know a lot of you are curious (to say the least) about online dating!  I've gotten a lot of questions and comments about it, and even made it the focus of last week's discussion on my Facebook page.  Everybody had a lot to say and there were also quite a few interesting stories shared!  I also have A LOT to say about online dating, so I'm breaking this topic and Episode 11 into two parts.  In Part 1 I discuss online dating generally and share some stories of other peoples' experiences as well as my own.

Part 2:

In Part 2, I discuss the strategies to make online dating fun and productive.  For your own personal "cheat sheet" here are the three most important tips:

1.  Consider the source
2.  Put your best foot forward
3.  Friends First (always always always)!

Bottom line, online dating is a misnomer.  You cannot "date" online.  You can only meet people online.  Dating happens in the physical in the immediate person to person 3-dimensional space that can only happen face-to-face.  Don't get confused by what it's called! If I had it my way, oline "dating" would be called online "introductions!"
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