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As some of you know, but many do not, my "name" is Jaunique.  Nikki Nokes is the nickname that my grandmother gave to me to let me know that she thought that I was special.  Then, Nikki Nokes became the name that I gave myself when I was too afraid to live my dreams.  I had an idea and a message and I wanted to write a book.  Beyond writing the book, I wanted to share my thoughts, my unvetted opinions and a point of view.  It's scary when you decide to do something that takes you out of the background.   So, Nikki Nokes has become the name that I go by in this very special space that we share.  I consider it sacred.

I'm giving you this information because I have a larger message (when don't I, right?).  There's going to come a time in your life when you need to borrow courage to take the next step.  There will be a time when no matter how hard you try, you may not feel like you're enough or you have enough to make the jump.  But, I'm telling you that you must.  Whether it's writing your own book, or starting a reading group, putting together your recipes for your bakery, or getting into the gym for the first time - it's your unique challenge to conquer.  When I made the decision to write my book, I was scared immobile with thoughts of "what will people think," "will they judge me at work?," "what if they don't like my book?," and worst of all "what if I'm not good enough?"  These questions plague us all in the adventure of progress in our lives, and the lucky people just ignore them and keep on truckin'.  The rest of us, me included, have to find a way to silence the doubt and push our way into action

My path to action meant that I had to borrow permission from someone else.  Yes, it seems extreme to have to literally borrow permission, but that is where Nikki Nokes came to serve a second purpose for me.  Now, more than just a nickname, Nikki Nokes allowed me to be the person I could not be on my own and say the things I could not...well thought I could not say.  And here we are, a year and a half later, one book published, 21 videos, 8 blog entries, and 2700 Friends, Fans and Girlfriends later into what I once thought was impossible

Sometimes, you have to rename yourself.  Sometimes you have to borrow permission from that person inside of you who is fearless and worthy and special. 

Find your new name and take your next step.

-- NN