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Hey there Girlfriends, it's been so long, I've been having the most trouble trying to figure out where to start with blog topics!  I'm asking myself, do I go back to where we left off, or should I start with something a little more current?  I've decided to start with something a little more recent relative to where I am now, but I know we have a year's worth of events, ideas, and discoveries to cover.  Believe me, I don't plan on leaving anything out.

For now, I just want to give you a little story about a guy that I dated and how he "sponsored" one of my most important lessons.  You know how you can "hang out" with someone for a period of months - going out, spending time on the phone, even exchanging affirmations about how you feel about the other person, but still it's clear that there's no real relationship there?  That was me - at the beginning of this year.  Actually, to be honest, that's been me a million times before, but the most recent time...was then.  And so, for a period, I fooled myself into thinking that this half-baked experience was better than nothing.  And so I stuck with it. day - there was just this one day, I dressed my best.  I looked my best.  I felt my best.  And the million bucks me went out with him again, on our usual "non-date."  And in one moment, where he looked at me like he would on any other night - any other night where I hadn't put in the work, time and effort and most importantly, any other night where I wasn't feeling like I was the most fabulous thing around - I knew just then that he didn't see me.  Not that I was invisible, but some of the most important parts of me were invisible to him.  He didn't get the total picture - just a piece and that wasn't good enough for me.  At least, not anymore.

So, on that night Girlfriends, I made the decision to stand up for myself.  I decided never to let someone take a part of me - the part that works the best for them, and leave the rest.  I come as a complete package, and a pretty spectacular one at that - so if someone doesn't get all of it, they don't get to get any of it.

Standing up for myself - and I mean, all of myself, finally gave me permission to demand something better and more complete as a relationship experience.  And it definitely opened up the door to something so much better - I'm never turning back.

Is there a part of yourself that you need to stand up for?
Hi Girlfriends!  It's been a looonnng time and I just want to thank everyone for hanging in there with me, being patient and staying readers and friends while I took a mega hiatus!  I have SO much to fill you in on - first, there will be not one, but two new books to come based on my experiences in love and life before and after "Maybe...It's You!"  Second, I'm happy to tell you that just a little over a year after my publication of my first book, which many of you have read...I've found (well, actually re-discovered) love.  I can't wait to give you the story - it's been what I call an urban lovelife adventure, and it's pretty amazing how it all happened!  It's been my goal with this project, my books, my videos and my blog to give us all, myself included, the inspiration and hopefully understanding to cultivate and encourage the growth of love and happiness in our everyday lives, and that starts first and foremost with love of yourself.  With that as the beginning, there's nothing that we can't have or accomplish.

I just wanted to give you a little "hello" - I know it's been a minute, but I'm officially back and will be here, once a week with a new blog entry and will soon start again with my videos.  In the meantime, feel free to send me questions, comments and anything else that you want me to address.  I've missed you all and I'm happy to be back in action!

Also, I didn't formally announce it, but...we drastically dropped the price of the Kindle version of "Maybe...It's You!" on Amazon.  Check it out for yourself!

Much love, Nikki