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Thank you so much for visiting!  Welcome to my blog!  I'm so happy that you stopped by and would like to thank you for your support.  

Don't we all love to talk about relationships!  No matter what topic we start with, from climate change to our favorite shoe designers, the ultimate focus of the conversation always lands solidly on men and relationships.  Whether we're saying we met someone new, or the proverbial "all men are dogs" - relationships are on our hearts, minds and lips.

What I started to notice in conversations with my girlfriends is that while we easily spend our time discussing what was wrong with "them," the conversation never really turned to "us" with an honest critique of what we might be doing that contributed to the results we were getting out of our relationships.  We never shared advice and expectations for better experiences.  This thought evolved into Maybe...It's You!

Maybe ...It's You
is a self-empowerment tool for the single girlfriends to not only spark a personal, internal dialogue, but also a new type of conversation amongst each other, this time, one that might lead to a new and different conclusion and ultimately a different result other than, men suck and I'm still single.  Maybe...It's You! is an attempt to answer the question "why."  Why is he not into me?  Why doesn't he commit to me?  Why am I not meeting anyone?  Why am I still single?? 

We all deserve to be happy, Girlfriends.  Sometimes, it just takes a little work.  So, with that, I pose to you the following question, if you are single, have you ever considered...maybe it's you?

Talk to you soon!


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I posted this comment using my Google account.

I just want to say that your site is totally fly... I love your videos! XOXO

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